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Your vision is our business.

Rake FX is where creative storytelling and technical artistry team-up on a daily basis. We provide bespoke visual effects for film, television, advertising, games, or any other medium where amazing images are a requirement, not a suggestion.

We offer a num
ber of creative services with an emphasis on:

  • Full CG Environments and set extensions

  • FX simulations and crowds

  • Prosthetic and digi-double augmentations 

  • Compositing

If your needs aren't an obvious match to the above categories or you're having trouble defining what is required for your project in the first place, don't fret. We would love to

hear about your project and chat about potential solutions.

Meet Your Collaborators

From the first day of planning to the last day of  a delivery schedule, the impact a crew has on a production stems from its leadership. Rake's key people are industry veterans with nearly half a century of combined experience in their disciplines, complimenting one another and the teams they support.

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